China news websites in Chinese

It’s been awhile since last post,  part of reason is that one of our main blogger Sarah was busy with another program and now she is leaving for US to pursue her musical dream. She is one of the most awesome person I’ve ever worked with, all the best for Sarah.

Today, we’d like to introduce some China news sites,  if want to practice and challenge your reading, below are some websites would be very helpful.

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*download updated version [download id="2"]

Google资讯-Google Chinese news

南方周末-Southern Weekend

凤凰网-Ifeng (Hong Kong)

新加坡联合早报网-Singapore Zaobao

经济和金融-Economics and Finance

FT中文网-Financial Times in Chinese

华尔街日报-Wall Street Journal in Chinese


IT and Internet IT新闻网

基督教新闻-China Christian News

Gospel Herald,

Gospel Times,