Chinese character of the week:打针 -to have an injection

My favourite Chinese character of this week:

打针: To have an injection

Dǎ zhēn 打 针

An odd Chinese character to have, you may think. But this is my Chinese character of the week for a number of reasons. Firstly, I’ve finally managed to learn it (for some reason, it has never stuck before, despite covering it first about three months ago!)

Secondly, I have had my first proper bout of illness since arriving here, so it reminded me that knowing some medical words can be useful (though I do realise this may not be the most useful!)

Finally, it is actually an interesting character. The second character, zhēn 针 has the metal radical next to something that looks awfully like a needle. So that’s fairly logical. However, when I first came across it, I already knew the first character – dǎ  打. Now the only meaning I knew at that point was ‘to play’. What it has helped me to learn, is that some characters can have multiple meanings (my dictionary gives 27 for dǎ  打!)  Slightly disheartening at times, but better than ‘playing’ at sticking a needle into someone, which was what I first thought it meant!!

(Non language aside – always good to make sure you have all your vaccinations up to date!)