A high-quality Chinese video website

Today,  we are introducing to you a high-quality Chinese video site: 奇艺(qí yì). It’s like Hulu.com in China. Their video quality is quite good, and stands out from other video sites in China. What’s more, they have many legal copies and full length movies, TV dramas and documentary films you can watch online for free. Please check it out at Qiyi video – www.qiyi.com.

We have a post about other Chinese video websites here, covering Youku.com, 56.com and Ku6.com. Among those four video sites, we would recommend Youku.com and Qiyi.com (they’re just like the Chinese version of Youtube and Hulu).

Mostly importantly, you can get access to tons of video resources to help you practice your Chinese listening and speaking.  Hope this post is helpful and let us know if you find anything interesting.

  • Sean

    I have seen qiyi before and it is a useful site. I really think that Youku is still the best site for Chinese videos. Watching hours of Chinese video can improve a students speaking skills rather quickly.

    If you are interested in free online Chinese video lessons, in my personal opinion the best site around is http://www.mandarinnetwork.com because all of these videos are intended for foreigners learning Chinese.