Top 5 Chinese video websites

Note: There are many changes about Chinese video websites since I wrote last post “Top 3 Chinese video websites” almost two years ago, so I’d like to write some updates on this post and will try to cover all the popular video sites in China. Hope those video sites, not only for fun, but also will be helpful resources for you to learn Chinese and practice your Chinese listening skills.

1. Youku video

I personally like Youku the most because of its video content,  speed, clean design and the least amount of embedded ads, I think it’s one of the best video websites here in China.


It’s owned by, also great video content, high quality movies, TV shows, one of the most popular video sites in China.


It’s run by Baidu, even though Baidu entered this video market later than others, started with only high quality video route, now it’s becoming popular now, again great video content and video quality.


I think if you know a little bit China, you should at least heard of QQ which is  the No.1 and most popular instant messenger in China and has hundreds of million active users.  With that being said, QQ video sites quickly and easily became the most visited video site because of it’s enormous active users.


It’s owned by, a lot of video content, I often watch sports video on  Sina Video site,  I feel like it has more sports video than other video sites, that is one thing I like it about. And you probably heard of Sina Weibo (Chinese version Twitter), it’s became one of big thing in China now, I may write another post about Weibo later.

These are the top five video sites in China I personally visit most frequently.  You may heard of other video sites from other people or elsewhere, however,  I would not to recommend them at all because of their crappy content or ugly ads.

And above 5 video sites covers latest news videos, movies, TV shows, sports videos, technology,  music and much more,  These websites would not only be helpful for practicing your Chinese listening skills, but also for providing you with another means through which you can better understand China.

So go ahead check out yourself, I hope you find something fun and useful. Let me know in comment if there is a particular video you try to find.


  • LingoBite

    Good list ;-)
    No Tudou, though? I know they’ve merged with Youku, but think they are also pretty good, and worth a mention :-)

  • LingoBite

    Good list..thanks for thisBut, no Tudou? I know they merged with Youku, but I think they’re also worth a mention :-)

  • learnchinese

    Thanks! yes, Youku has merged with Tudou, I didn’t mention tudou in my list because of all the annoying and ugly ads on it’s site, I just don’t like it. And also in terms of video content, I think all other sites are doing a better job.


  • Fanni Maráczi

    it says theyre only available to watch in mainland china

  • Learn Chinese Blog

    Hi Fanni,
      Thanks for bringing it up, I guess it ‘s probably the issue since all the video sites owned by Chinese companies. If so, sorry for the inconvenience.

    Hope not all the video sites are only available to mainland China.