Choosing Where to Study: Studying in China

Studying in China is the most ideal way to learn Chinese. But the question remains: where on earth does one start with picking a city and school at which to study? Many who have studied in China in the past would recommend that Beijing, China’s capital, is THE place to learn Mandarin Chinese, as Beijing’s Mandarin is considered the most standard across China.

Studying at a university or at a private language institution in Beijing are both great options. Making the decision of whether to study at a university or private language school depends largely on whether you’re looking to study in a group setting with a set curriculum, or whether you’re looking to study in a one teacher to one student setting with a curriculum custom-tailored to your needs. At this point it would be helpful to identify what your goals are for learning Mandarin. It’s helpful to know that on a day to day basis, communication is spent orally about 80% to 90% of the time.

If your aim is to get a language credit and be fairly strong in reading and writing, then university is the way to go. Many popular destinations are Tsinghua, Peking, and Beijing Language and Culture University.

However, if you’re looking to be able to converse fluently and within a condensed period of time, private language study is the best choice. The teacher will be able to give you the attention you need to correct your mistakes, and give you the time you need to do most of the speaking during class time.

1on1 Mandarin is a private language school that specializes in one teacher per student customized language training. Within 6 months, students are able to confidently converse in basic everyday conversation. Within a year, students speak at a more fluent, intermediate level, and are able to carry on conversations with ease. After 2 years of study, students are speaking at an advanced level and are ready to take the HSK exam to then be able to take university courses in Chinese (other than Chinese language courses) at Chinese universities. Check out our school to learn Chinese in Beijing.