Kungfu Jet Li and adidas get together(Wu Ji Videos)

(ChinaDaily)-What happens when world famous kungfu actor Jet Li and world leading sportswear brand adidas get together? You get a collection of men’s sportswear Wu Ji-武极(wu3ji2) which would be inspired by the age-old Chinese philosophy. The Wu Ji collection includes four series, each designed for a particular season.(玄水)has been launched for this summer, while the othe three-火光(fire), 妙土(earth) and 真气(spirit) will be unveiled in the coming seasons. Watch Wu Ji concept, course and origin here adidas.com/wuji (all in Chinese, practise your listening)

The message behind the Wu Ji collection is one of harmony between human beings and nature.

Let’s feel it in this latest Wu Ji video by Jet Li-心体谐一,没有不可能