Learning Chinese Through Listening – Stream Chinese TV Dramas Online

Chinese TV Drama Online StreamingThe three mantras that seem to be drilled into any student trying to learn the Chinese language is: “多看, 多说, 多听” (duo4kan4, duo4shuo4, duo4ting1), meaning: “read a lot, speak a lot, and listen a lot”, of Chinese that is.

Moving to China to live or study is one way to practice these three directives, however, probably not an option everyone can take. One other way to help with your Chinese learning is to pick up a Chinese TV drama to follow, and I’ve heard many-a-story of friends learning to speak Chinese, or a dialect of Chinese by watching a Chinese TV series.

Fortunately, there are many options and methods of finding Chinese TV shows to follow online, and which also allow you to stream the shows online for free as well.

Youku, iqiyi, QQ video, Sohu video and Sina video are five popular websites that are solely dedicated to not only  streaming Chinese TV dramas online, but also Chinese movies online .

For more information about those five Chinese video websites, please see my another post here :  http://blog.1on1mandarin.com/chinese-video/


  • Diana

    Both website you have in here have English subtitles, which are very useful to know what is going on, but not always to know what are they saying. By any chance do you have a website where we can find tv shows but with the chinese subtitles ??


  • Darren

    Hi Diana,
    youku.com is the site you look for, tons of chinese tv shows and movies, most of them have chinese subtitles. hope you find it helpful.

  • http://askpeterchinese.com peter jiang-learn mandarin

    Learning a language fastens when someone practices listening. This article is really useful for them who wants to learn chinese.

  • Teamnix

    “多看, 多说, 多听” (duo4kan4, duo4shuo4, duo4ting1), your pinyin is wrong. duo1kan4, duo1shuo1, duo1ting1 :)

  • Anonymous

    Good catch, you are right. Thanks for pointing out. – Darren

  • guest

    I’m having problems finding Chinese tv shows with English subtitles. Any suggestions?

  • http://blog.1on1mandarin.com/ Learn Chinese Blog

    It would be hard unless those newly made

    Chinese movies which offer English subtitles, personally I haven’t seen any Chinese tv offered English subtitles, however, if by chance I find any resources, I will let you know.