Spoken Chinese sentence pattern-01

We have been through a very busy week again, especially when we have a group of Wheaton students visiting. Good thing is that we finally put our first weekly sentence pattern together,  hope you all enjoy and tell us  in comment how can we do it better later, here comes the first one,

AA=A一(yī )A

Meaning: to have a try/to give it a try;

Usage: AA indicates reduplicated verbs.


1. 这是我做的菜,你尝尝。(same as 尝一尝)

zhè shì wǒ zuò de cài , nǐ chánɡ chánɡ .

This is what I cooked, please try it.

2. 你有什么好想法,可以说说。(说一说

nǐ yǒu shén me hǎo xiánɡ fǎ , ké yǐ shuō shuō .

If you have any good ideas, tell us about it.

3. 如果你喜欢这件T恤,可以试试。(试一试

rú ɡuǒ nǐ xǐ huɑn zhè jiàn t xù , ké yǐ shì shì .

If you like this T-shirt, you can try it on..

4. 听听,这是谁的歌?(听一听

tīnɡ tinɡ , zhè shì shuí de ɡē?

Listen to this, guess who sings this song?

5. 想想,今天晚上你想去哪儿吃饭?(想一想

xiǎnɡ xiǎnɡ , jīn tiān wǎn shɑnɡ nǐ xiǎnɡ qù nǎ ér chī fàn ?

Think about it, where do you want to eat tonight?

* Try to use this pattern to make some new sentences, tell us what you can come up with in comment.

Here are 5 audios , hope it helps. ( thanks Lucy for recording)


Xiaochi Chinese April newsletter-audio

Finally,  audio version is available now, listen and learn, tell us what do you think.

“Gānzào 干燥is most often used to describe weather or a place”

Here are words and sentences used in the newsletter.


北方的冬令寒冷干燥。 The winter in the north is cold and dry.

好久没下雨, 天气太干燥了 It has not rained for a while, the weather is too dry.

北京太干燥了,我的皮肤很干 Beijing is too dry, my skin is very dry.