Recharging and Checking minutes on china mobile

china-mobile1 has a comprehensive post on navigating China Mobile’s automated service number, including plans, rates for voice, texts, data, international calling, and other information. Quite a good guide. If you just want some easy ways to recharge or check your balance on China Mobile, though, read on.

To get started, call 13800138000 to talk to a female robot (in Chinese) or a male robot (English). To navigate through the menus:

  1. enter 2 for English
  2. enter 2 to recharge (the guy says something like “to make an advance payment”but it means recharge)
  3. enter 1# to recharge the cell phone you’re calling from
  4. enter your PIN
  5. enter # to end

You should hear a message confirming your recharge. After you hang up, you can text YE to 10086 to get a text message indicating your balance. The text will be in Chinese but you should be able to see numbers reflecting your recharge.

You can also save the number string 13800138000p2p2p1# on your phone, and set the number as a quick-dial number. Then all you’d have to do is call that phone number, then wait for it to enter digits for you automatically. Enter your PIN. Then, enter # to finish.

Alternatively, also says here that you can recharge your account by texting CZ [PIN number] to 10086.