Advantages/Disadvantages of 1on1 Chinese class setting

In our previous post, we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of studying in a group setting. Today, we will look at the pros and cons of 1on1 Chinese class study.

1on1  class Study: Advantages
In a 1on1 setting, students are able to maximize their speaking time, provided that the teacher is not dominating the classroom time and allowing students to do the speaking. 1on1 learning is very effective for the learner that wants to be able to engage in oral conversation with the local Chinese. Within a matter of 6 months, the language student will be able to comfortably communicate in Chinese. Many 1on1 learners enjoy being able to customize their own curriculum and focus on their goals and needs. Because students are able to get a lot of attention from their teachers in a 1on1 setting, teachers are able to catch frequent mistakes and help correct them.

1on1 Study: Disadvantages
Learning 1on1 can be quite intense and therefore quite tiring. Some students find that learning 1on1 can be quite expensive. Some students may find that they are bored without other classmates learning with them; therefore, some students prefer being in group classes.

Both group study and 1on1 study carry their pros and cons – no one way is better than the other. Therefore, it is important to evaluate your goals, how much money you have, and what your options are location wise.